Sunday, September 2, 2012

WHAT IF!! For every 1 degree rise in global average temperature the impact on the planet gets worse!

Science behind Green


à There is a vast difference between climate and weather. Climate is an average of long term weather pattern experienced in that particular area.

Climate change you say….huh?

à Climate change can occur due to natural causes. But today, climate change refers to the change in climate due to the human activities.

Greenhouse effect…is it?

à The atmosphere of the earth is made up of mixture of gases. Some of these gases allow warm rays of the sun to penetrate inside the atmosphere, and make the earth warm, but do not allow them to escape back. This is called greenhouse effect.

Carbon cycle….new cycle?

à The natural cycle of the earth where carbon is added to the atmosphere by various means such as fires, carbon di oxide exhaled by human beings etc. and the same carbon is removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis by plants, absorption by the oceans etc. is called carbon cycle.

à This cycle would have remained steady if only humans did not intervene. Due to burning of fossil fuels and disruption of greenery, us human beings have intervened in this natural cycle and made it unbalanced.

Global Warming……is the globe warming?

à The average increase in earth’s temperature caused by rapid increase in the greenhouse effect due to human activity is called global warming.

Recharge Gizmos with Sun Energy!

A new kind of solar cell that copies Mother Nature’s way of converting sunlight to energy is the new idea for going green in the electronics market.

This new cell uses a new kind of photosensitive dye to produce energy, the same way plants perform photosynthesis.

These dye sensitive cells will be used to power a wide range of electronic devices ranging from e-book readers to cell phones.

The photosensitive cell will work in full throttle in bright sunlight and also work in inside ambient light such as bulbs and tube lights.

The solar cells have 11 cells each and take about six-eight hours to fully charge the device in bright sunlight, but takes a little more time indoors.