Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tips for Green Residential Complexes

· Water Recycling

- A small recycling plant can be devised so that all the grey water coming out from residents can be recycled and reused.

· Rainwater Harvesting

- Tanks on residential buildings or wherever possible should be constructed and used for harvesting of rainwater for future use.

· Garbage disposal

- All waste coming out from residents should be segregated into wet and dry wastes. As far as possible wets wastes should be recycled and reused as manure or compost.

· Planting Trees

- Trees should be planted in and around residential complexes. They not only spread greenery and generate fresh oxygen but they also keep the surrounding air cool.

· Environment friendly construction practices should be adopted.

· Power

- Energy efficient lighting systems should be used in flats. People should be made aware of the general tips they could adopt for saving electricity in their homes.

- As far as possible encourage use of natural day light in common areas of the building.


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