Friday, August 3, 2012

Leak Proof Your Home

Wall paints peeling off and the house walls going damp is a regular issue during the rainy seasons. One needs to take care of the leakages beforehand to prevent this from happening.

· Waterproofing in general terms means preventing water to come inside the house and damaging your walls and paints etc. this is a very important thing to do and one can’t just neglect it just like that.

· If, for any reason you don’t come to know from where the leakage or seepage is coming from then you should call the experts who can tell you what kind of leakage is there and how it needs to be fixed.

· Waterproofing is done in three stages – terrace waterproofing, house waterproofing and basement waterproofing.

· While waterproofing the terrace, make sure that the surface is dry and there is no stagnating water. Make sure that all cracks are treated properly with waterproofing compounds.

· While waterproofing in the house, first step is to ensure that all cracks are treated with a waterproofing compound. Tilling of wall also is a good idea, as this not only prevents water coming inside but also makes your house look elegant. While repairing of walls, do not use bricks as they are porous and allow water to seep through it. There are plenty of waterproof paints available in the market for use.

· Waterlogging in basements should be taken care of. If the basement is used for storage purpose make sure it is leak-proof first.

· Water problems if not properly checked and nipped in the bud, can pose to be a great hazard to the house in the future. Hence, it is very important to keep your house free from water related issues.


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