Sunday, August 5, 2012

Green Lifestyle

The idea of being conservative and environment friendly now has to become more than just an idea.

Many organizations in the professional arena are doing the best they can but this is not it. Smaller changes in the form of individual lifestyle changes in the personal arena can also help and contribute towards sustainability.

In summary we should look in conserving the energy that comes inside the house as also the one which goes outside as waste.

Generally, a home comprises of four main compartments – the bed, the hall, the kitchen and washrooms. These are the places one should look into.

The ideal way to save energy is to use electrical appliances in these four compartments efficiently.

For instance, check whether your ceiling fan has proper blades to spread enough air around the room. Now a days many electrical appliances come with a rating system which tells the consumer how energy efficient that particular appliance is.

Providing consumers with this type of information spreads eco-consciousness among them and they also start thinking the green way.

Another area where individual people can contribute is proper waste management in and around their own locality. Figures say that almost 70% of all household waste is wet waste.

The idea is that individuals now need to assess their own actions and how they impact the environment. This small idea of change in lifestyle can impact the environment to a large extent making it cleaner and greener.


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