Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chop but Don’t Kill

With the increase in industrialization more and more land is getting barren and trees are being cut down. Because of this the imbalance increases causing more and more problems.

To stop this from happening a new technique called transplantation can be adopted so that the trees are moved to a secure location and not cut down.
For this, first we have to identify which trees can be transplanted. Generally fruiting trees cannot be transplanted while non-fruiting trees like coconut, banyan etc. can be.
After identification of the tree, it should be marked with a circle around the entire diameter of the tree.

Dig all around the circumference of the circle drawn as well as deep under the tree so you will get a huge ball of dirt which should also contain the roots of the tree.
Another plot should be identified for the transplantation. The identified spot should have the same soil as the existing so that the environment remains same for the plant to grow in.

At the transplantation spot, dig a larger hole than you did earlier and put some fertilizers and/or manure inside if necessary.
Pick the tree up and place it inside the whole carefully. The tree needs so looking after for atleast 4 months before it starts to fruit again.


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