Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Green Living Tips

Residing in a 'green home' is great, but the house isn't going to stay that way for long if you don't maintain it effectively, or you don't lead a way of life to go with it. In the passions of helping you increase the benefit of residing in your effective, healthy house - we've collected a list of tips to help keep you in top form.

Conserving Water — What you can do:

Conserve Water

Install low-flow shower heads and sink aerators

Fix leaking taps and toilets

If you must water your lawn or lawn, use electronic timers and get tubes earlier or later in the day.

Keep Water Clean

Properly get rid of of shows, motor oil and bug sprays by recycle or taking them to a dangerous spend selection website.

Use low effect farming methods that prevent bug sprays and chemical plant foods.

Buy natural produce, produced with less bug sprays.

Saving Power — What you can do:

Use Power Wisely

Lower your temperature in the winter and raise it in the summer.

Have your air conditioner and ac maintained and washed annually.

Turn down your hot trouble heaters to 120-140°F.

Check your fridge and fridge for leaking gaskets around the door.

Caulk, weatherstrip and protect surfaces, lofts, cellars, windows, gates and pipe joints.

Buy Power Savers

Install lightweight florescent lighting (CFL’s)where practical.

Add dimmers and electronic timers to lighting changes.

Install a automated temperature.

Look for the “Energy Star” brand when buying new equipment.

Choose power from alternative resources.

Reducing Waste — What you can do:

Reduce Trash

Avoid bad appearance and individual use products.

Buy recycleable, fixable, standard or refillable products.

Buy products created from recycleable components or in recycleable appearance.

Eliminate Toxins

Seek solutions to harmful family purifiers, bug sprays, colour removal and other products containing harmful substances.

Bring empty products to family dangerous spend selections in your community.

Reuse and Recycle

Try to use before you recycle

Mulch or rich composting lawn waste

Sell or provide used outfits, furniture, guides, things for the property, etc.

Recycle computer systems, TV’s and other gadgets.

Home Enhancement — What you can do:

Clean Green

Buy non-toxic purifiers and other products.

Follow guidelines when saving remaining products.

Dispose of toxics at a family dangerous spend selection website.

Fix It Up

Use low-impact products and materials

Install cost effective appliance and lighting.

Use timber from self-sufficiently produced jungles.

Buy floor covering and other products that are created of recycleable articles.

Look for inside air quality information on products you buy.

Lawn & Yard — What you can do:

Reduce Lawn Cover

Create a low-maintenance lawn.

Reduce pitch lawn to less than 75% of the total area.

Replace lawn with local plants, flowerbeds and ground covers.

Let It Grow Naturally

Use natural or low-impact farming and water methods.

If you use manure, use a slow-release type no more than twice per year.

Use a mulching lawn mowers to destroy lawn extras and leave them on the lawn.

Compost lawn spend.

Conserve water by mulching and using a soaker garden water hose or get system.

Green Shopping — What you can do:

Buy Less

Buy in volume.

Rent or lend rather than buy.

When appropriate, buy recycled, renovated or renovated rather than new.

Remember: recycle is the last hotel when decreasing or recycling are not possible.

Shop Smart

Avoid a cup and non reusable appearance.

Avoid things you cannot or will not use.

Buy recycleable or refillable products and those from companies with good ecological routines.

Buy products produced regionally.

Donate or offer undesirable things for the property.

Buy products with recycleable articles.

Automobiles and Travel — What you can do:

Care For Your Car

Keep your car updated, wheels filled, filter systems washed and oil modified regularly.

Check ac for leaking.

Buy the smallest octane gas recommended for your car.

Make sure your service place recycles oil, wheels, battery power and antifreeze effectively.

Drive Right

Purchase a car that gets 30-mpg or more.

Observe speed limits; improve easily and moderately; prevent tailgating or extreme idling.

Try not to generate during prime time.

Try a low-emission vehicle that uses alternative petrol.

Don’t Drive

Walk, bike, jog or take the bus.

Telecommute one or two days per week.



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