Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saving is the Question, Sun is the Answer

The old idea has finally turned gold, that the suns energy can be utilized by converting it into electrical energy. This implementation can save you on energy cost and make you and your surrounding environment greener.

While some think that the installation and maintenance cost are soaring high one does not think that the long time could cost them to around Rs. 10 per unit.

Some advantages of solar energy to ponder on:

1. Solar power is the cleanest and greenest power that one can use in their homes.

2. It does not consume any fuel and its energy is abundantly available.

3. The Return on Investment is low i.e. 6 months. That is after 6 months it becomes free.

4. Because of the rising cost of energy in India and many other countries, this solution is an ideal one.


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