Sunday, May 6, 2012

Green? Is It?

Today everybody is talking about going green and sustainable, but this fact is lingering around for decades. But as people became aware of the fact, the topic gained importance again.


1. Homeowners use 10 times more toxic chemicals than farmers.

2. By lowering your thermostat of your HVAC equipment by 1 degree, fuel consumption is cut by 10%.

3. If you insulate your attic it will reduce energy loss by upto 20%.

4. By replacing every 75 watt bulb by an energy efficient one, you prevent one ton of carbon dioxide to release in the air.

All of us know that being conservative makes our planet sustainable and green. but how many of us know what exactly makes buildings green.

A green building is one which conserves water, uses energy efficiently, prevents wastage of natural resources, prevents waste generation and provides a healthier, greener and sustainable occupancy as compared to conventional buildings.

Evaluating how green a building is, is very important. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the international rating system for green buildings. For Indian standards GRIHA is the rating system used for green buildings.

Owing to the speedy decrease in resources, people are now getting aware of the fact that to save environment, sustainable implementation is necessary. These rating systems do exactly the same.

Rating systems are devised so that the concerned party knows exactly how green his building is and if more implementations are necessary he gets to know them and implement them and then the building is rated accordingly.

These implementation will not only lower your cost but will also lower the impact the building has on the environment.


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