Sunday, May 27, 2012

Green All The Way

A typical eco-house can cost you at around 14 to 23k per sq m. on the other hand the conventional building can cost you at around 19k per sq m. Now the saving part; the eco-house can save upto 52% energy can revive your capital cost within 5-7 years.

An eco-house should:

A. Use solar power

Solar panels can be used for your outdoor lighting needs, solar heating needs etc. LED lamps may also be used which can save you almost 75% power.

B. Should save water:

Implement simple and efficient water conservation techniques. Ensure fixing of water efficient fixtures.

C. Efficient Cooling:

Avoid using lead tiles and ensure windows are glazed to avoid reflection and overheating.

D. Natural Paints:

Uses recycled or cane furniture and ensure use of low VOC and natural paints.

E. Cross-ventilation:

Be sure to widen windows of the north-east and west facing windows to ensure proper ventilation in the house.

F. Reuse & Recycle:

Use flyash bricks and use recycled content wherever possible.

G. Use smokeless challahs to ensure minimal pollution.

H. Green your surroundings by planting trees, herbs, shrubs etc. this will reduce pollution.

Percentage Percentage!!

1. Efficient roofing and lighting can reduce cooling load by 17.5% in air conditioned areas and 74% in non-air conditioned areas.

2. Energy efficient appliances save 35% energy.

3. A partly air conditioned green building can save upto 40% energy.

4. Energy efficient and smart building envelope saves 39% energy.

5. Energy saving fixtures can save 15% energy.


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