Sunday, April 8, 2012

Solar Passive Architecture

Power and environment are the two most serious problems we are facing today. So to conserve both, integrated thinking becomes an essential part in everything we do today.

Today, buildings with lowest possible energy use and highest possible comfort level are the requirement of population today. This can be done if the temperature of a built structure can be controlled and maintained without the use of machines and electronic devices. These building designed are termed as Solar Passive Architecture.

We all know that buildings provide us with comfort and protect us from outside temperature. But its environmental function is to act as a barrier controlling the outside temperature in such a way that the indoor temperature remains comfortable enough.

Solar and wind energy are everywhere and abundantly available. These can be used abundantly in a wise way to be taken advantage of in a building and reduce energy use and help the environment.

Here are some ways to mitigate the problem of power and environment:

1. Passive Downdraft Evaporation Cooling (PDEC) is a very effective cooling system which does not require much mechanical or electrical energy.

2. Proper use of insulation i.e. double or single can also help.

So, implementing these steps can achieve a great change in the comfort level and also pose a change to the environment and make it green and sustainable.


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