Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Relation between Carpets & Indoor Air Quality

Carpets have been used by people for a very long time now. Carpets are favored by many benefits. Some are listed below:

1.     Carpets act as a good insulator. It absorbs / retains heat for longer time in cold seasons and in warm climate insulates against invasive heat.
2.     Carpets provide a nice surface to work on and helps prevent slippage and injuries.
3.     Carpets are good absorbers of sound and absorb all sound and prevent it from bouncing off
4.     Carpets hold dust particles until they are vacuum cleaned.

Carpets and all other floor coverings are said to contaminate indoor air quality to a large extent. When carpets are laid down, they are glued to the ground with chemical adhesives which has hazardous vapors of Volatile Organic Compound which contribute not only to poor air quality but also is hazardous for our health.

VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
They are a group of compounds containing carbon which can evaporate at room temperature. Substances containing these compounds are paints, adhesives, solvents etc.

Due to synthetic fibers in carpets emissions can happen which can further contaminate air quality.

By choosing the right type of carpet, proper installation and maintenance one can prevent and minimize emissions and improve indoor air quality.

1.     Choose carpets which are tested for low VOC content.
2.     Use low VOC adhesives for gluing the carpet
3.     After installation of a new carpet ensure ventilation for 24 hours and make sure to open all windows and fan during the ventilation process.  
4.     Regular maintenance of carpet can improve the indoor air quality very much.

If even a small amount of people get aware and try to save this hazardous vapors, a major change will happen to the environment and the earth will stay sustainable and green. 


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