Thursday, April 5, 2012


With increase in the number of vehicles these is an ever increasing need of parking spaces. And because of the urgent needs parking lots are built haphazardly. They generally consume large space and built by asphalt or cement.

These surfaces usually absorb large amount of heat and reach high temperatures. These surfaces such as asphalt and cement do not allow any water to percolate so the ground water reserve is affected.

Because of all these problems a new concept as “Green Parking” is evolved which basically means to initiate some strategies in parking spaces/lots so that it benefits the society as well as the environment.

Enlisted are some points to ponder and initiate:

1. Make sure that there is maximum use of day light in basements and parking lots.

2. Provide proper level of ventilation

3. Carbon monoxide sensors should be installed to go off when levels increase above minimum.

4. In open parking spaces, use shades of high SRI value so that it decreases the local heat island effect.

5. Reserve car parking space for car poolers, this will not only encourage carpooling but will also decrease traffic congestion.

By following these small steps one can make a large difference. So come on lets strive to park our next vehicle the “Green Way”.


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