Sunday, April 29, 2012

Green Buildings – What & Why

Green buildings refer to structures which are environment friendly during both their construction and maintenance phases.

Some common features of green buildings are:

a. Green structures are environment friendly so they strive to minimize use of non-renewable resources which are scarce.

b. Green buildings use resources efficiently so that they don’t get wasted.

c. These buildings are made with locally available green and environment friendly materials.

d. Energy efficient fixtures with optimum levels of energy savings are used in such buildings.

e. Green buildings utilize solar or wind power, whatever available, to minimize use of artificial energy and protect the environment.

Green buildings are designed to save on natural resources which are scarcely available an protect the environment.

Construction of a green building requires proper planning and execution. This involves planning for:

1. Proper site selection

2. Proper designing of the building

3. Planning for proper and efficient HVAC systems.

4. To see through it that minimum energy is utilized during the construction phase of the building.

5. Maximize use of green and environment friendly materials which are available locally.

6. Maintain proper indoor air quality of the building.


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