Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Waste Management = Green Environment

Waste management by an individual or company is a very tedious task and is not as easy as it sounds. So, to implement this, one needs to support the guys doing this and contribute.

Waste is actually classified under two heads, one the solid waste and liquid waste. Solid wastes include industrial waste, municipal wastes, e-wastes etc. Liquid wastes include sewage wastes etc.  

Till date, loads and loads of waste are dumped everywhere without any treatment, which in turn adds to the pollution of natural environment and indirectly leads to phenomenon of climate change and global warming.
If these loads and loads of wastes were to be remained untreated, it can largely affect land, the crops, it can also effect in unusual climate change etc.
So the effective way to dispose off liquid waste is through effluent treatment plants and sewage plants. Solid wastes are disposed off in the same way and treated.

Plasma Gasification technology is a new method of disposing hazardous waste.
·        Except radioactive wastes, any other types of wastes can be destructed using this technology.
·        This technology reduces the dioxin/furan formation to a very negligible amount.
·        Temperatures in plasma gasification technology can be changed rapidly.
·        It generates reusable vitrified material in comparison with increnation which generates toxic ash.

As new and new technologies come in, the implementation level should go to a higher level. The awareness level in the public for sustainable living is spreading but as implementation remains minimal, the disastrous phenomenon still prevails.


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