Thursday, March 22, 2012

Technologies in Schools

Today technology has incorporated in the schools in so many ways; we seldom realize the role it plays in our life. With the use of technologies like computers and internet in schools, students are open to a massive amount of information on any topic they want which helps students attain expertise in their respected subjects.

More and more schools today recognize the use of technology as an instructional tool for the students as well as the teachers. Technology helps students of all ages, irrespective of where they are and what they do, to gain knowledge of whichever subject they want.

With the help of E-schools students now can take up any course they want and can do it regardless of place, time and age. Online examinations provide a very easy way to give exams and with the computerized checking system, give more efficient results.

Teachers on the other hand, can also gain benefit from the technology. For example, new teachers can gain expertise in their area of teaching which can make her teaching more efficient and he/she can then easily explain to the students.

In the classroom, technologies like a projector can help teachers display visuals on the respective subjects which make learning easier and simple.

The school management also takes advantage of technology and can monitor students’ achievements and keep track of their annual records. It also helps school administration to take proper decisions and also helps in implementing policies.

However, many schools that still continues to teach in the traditional way and don’t have any knowhow about technology, strive to bring about the use of technology in their day-to-day curriculum.

Schools should understand that technology is a key component of this century. It helps students build up on their learning skills and come up to be lifelong learners.


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