Thursday, March 22, 2012


The film “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al-Gore, Nobel Peace Laureate – who has done extensive work on climate change – highlighted the issue of global warming and the need for public awareness on climate change.
Power conservation, an issue on the horizon of crises, yet unnoticed by those who has the potential to do it – The Youth!
So, below are some areas where a common youth consumes electricity along with some measures to curtail the usage:

Ø Cellphones: Cellphones are a very essential part of a youth’s life with which they communicate, learn, play, organize and do many other stuff. But a very little notice is given on the way their battery charge.
Overcharging i.e. still keeping it plugged in after it has been fully charged wastes a lot of electricity and harms the phone too. Another phenomenon of wastage happens when one forgets to switch of the charger after unplugging the phone.
This has now taken care of by some visual reminders which can be downloaded and used. Cellphone companies and manufacturers too should now come up with an audio reminder for further prevention of wastage of electricity.

Ø Laptops & Netbooks: The markets today are flooding with different kinds of Laptops and computers but not much is being done to take care of the power consumption of the same.
One should always keep their laptops or computers in sleep or hibernation mode when they are not using it. A laptop in sleep/hibernation mode consumes 35watts/hr contrasting to 135watts/hr used by an active screen.

Ø Televisions: The television is the most common source of entertainment and news today and is used in almost all houses today. But nobody thinks about using it in an energy efficient way.
The way we check the picture quality and the screen size, we should check also how energy efficient it is and how much power it will consume. One should look for an energy star rating and do proper calculation before buying a television.
LCD screen TV’s are more energy efficient than their corresponding plain ones. In fact LCD TV’s save power by almost 60%.

Ø Air Conditioners: People find it difficult to stay without an AC in their environment but they fail to realize the impact it creates on the earth’s environment.
Unaware of the fact that the ideal temperature for cooling is 24o C. People don’t clean and change the air filters regularly hence failing to realize the cost of electricity they are paying for as the AC requires more time for cooling.
Switching off an AC after the intended space is cool enough will save 10% of power.

Ø Awareness: The main thing today’s youth should do is self-awareness. Understand on how much our basic facilities cost and how much electricity they consume will help in knowing what steps he/she should take to curtain them.
If one person starts saving, though it is a small amount, but slowly and steadily the whole world will start saving and that will lead towards a more energy efficient and greener environment.


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