Thursday, March 29, 2012


A lot of waste is generated when construction or demolition activities take place. This waste mostly consists of non-biodegradable wastes such as blocks of concrete, plaster, wood etc.
These wastes are heavy and often require very large spaces and usually are found right in front of the roads and also in communal waste bins. We have all seen examples of this, large piles of junk kept on the road resulting in congestion and traffic jams.
It is approximated that 10-12 million of construction waste is generated in India. In other countries, one has to pay huge amount of fees for dumping construction & demolition waste.
I accordance with this, private waste management companies and firms receive incentives for collecting these wastes and treating it properly and reusing it. But these kinds of cooperative efforts are missing in India.
Though India lacks in this, there are small agencies and firm that work on generating and treating this waste so that it can be reused in some other material.
This is a very small scale activity which does not make a sizable difference to the amount of waste generated. CDE, one of the leading companies in the world, have come up with a plant in india which can recycle construction and demolition waste. With this new technology one can get recycled aggregate and sand of profound quality.
Other movement is the WRAP Aggregate Program is a European body which has promised to use recycled aggregates in any forms as concrete, bricks etc.  
These types of waste management programs and with the help of government programs, one can make a huge difference in management of these construction related waste and recycle and reuse them.


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