Sunday, March 25, 2012

Plug into Green Technology

Given the regular reminders we get of the ongoing disaster from greenhouse effect, climate change and shortage of water etc. sustainable living has become an obvious way to save our planet.
But as everyone knows, going sustainable and changing our way of living is not as easy as it sounds.
Fortunately, enlisted are a few ways in which you can take the green initiative:

Carbon footprint is nothing but the measure of carbon dioxide we produce daily going about doing our daily activities.
Carbon footprint is rather a crude way of knowing how much an individual is contributing towards global warming.
Once we know the measure, we can work on finding ways to reduce it and help protect our planet.

Most of us think that thrashing the old car and buying new “green” cars can save and cut down carbon emissions. But this is just a myth. In fact, buying old used cars with decent mileage can save you the cost and can cut down your emissions too.

If present gadgets don’t help in reducing carbon emissions, then search for energy efficient gadgets that can do that for you. There are many gadgets available, for example, ones which can sense your presence in the room and then only run, saving you on precious electricity and indirectly reducing your carbon load.
Another great way of saving is to charge your devices using alternate and sustainable resources. Now days, portable solar chargers are available which can help you achieve this.

So go on, try little bit of everything and slowly you will see yourself living a green and sustainable life.

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  1. very informative.
    could you suggest some products which cut down the unnecessary usage of electricity..or links to the same