Friday, March 23, 2012

Melting of ice – a hot topic?

Ice plays an important role in shaping our planets environment. The role played by ice is a very significant one, what it does is that it reflects all the unwanted heat of the sun from the earth’s environment and keeps it cool. In places where there is minimal or no ice, absorb the sun’s heat and heat up the environment.
As the ice melts away more and more surface is available for the trapping of heat and because the earth traps heat the ice further melts and this cycle goes on.
Because of the above phenomenon, climate change occurs. Due to climate change, for example in the artic areas, affects lives all over the world. The melting of ice phenomenon is not only limited to the artic regions but is also happening in the mountainous areas.
Ice holds a large supply of fresh water which is an essential part of the eco system. But when climate change occurs, our supply of fresh water i.e. ice, melts and because of this the supply of freshwater is reduced and affects all life forms which are dependent on fresh water supply.
Melting of polar ice sheets and ice glaciers etc. the sea level rises and people living in low lying areas and coastal regions are threatened by this rise in the level of water.
Through various mass media like the paper, magazines, internet and various governments held programs on environment, awareness about the effects and consequences of this change in climate should be created and spread to people of all walks of life. People should also be tough to fight this and preserve and conserve the environment.
Through very small and minimal efforts one can make a huge difference in minimizing impacts and saving our planet.

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