Thursday, March 22, 2012

Green IT

Green IT indicates a method of computing which uses an energy sufficient technology creating a very marginal impact on the environment. Now we know that many companies are striving to make this achievable but this can only be achieved if our huge population of students, using computers in their daily chores, participate and make it achievable.
Some people misunderstand the term and think of only the study of such material. But it also means creating or manufacturing such energy efficient products to create a minimal impact on the environment. Also, it refers to the disposing off of computers and electronics in an eco-efficient way.
Enlisted below are some ways in which one can make Green IT prosper and achievable:

  • Don’t throw off your old, used mobile phones. Instead recycle them at your nearest mobile store dealer.
  • ·        Instead of getting your phone bills via post opt for an e-statement which will save paper and eventually save the environment.
  • ·        Use virtualization techniques and cloud computing techniques. This reduces the network equipment and also makes the working environment energy efficient and compact.
  • ·        Nowadays many computers come with a Energy Star rating which signifies it to be a power efficient and ecofriendly computer. Make sure you buy your computers which are rated.

The awareness of Green IT is on a continuous rise. One should not wait for someone or something to happen. One should note that he/she can make things happen. Even a small contribution can make a huge difference.


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