Saturday, March 24, 2012

Earthshaking ways to save the World

Due to the phenomenon of global warming, the scientists are working overtime. Some scientists are trying to understand this phenomenon of global warming and trying to find ways to mitigate this, while others are focusing on Carbon Footprint.
And there are other scientists who are coming up with rather unpleasant ways to alter nature and feed the human needs.
Take a look at these:


Well it is not all different; it is a cosmic way of the same. Scientists propose to spray the atmosphere with thousands of ton of material which reflect sunlight.
These sprayed particles will form a protective layer over the earth and disperse the sunlight. As lesser amount of sunlight will come to earth, the earth will be protected from the phenomenon of climate change and global warming.


Scientists thought about the idea of oceans gobbling up all the access carbon from the atmosphere.
Phytoplankton, a kind of life form usually found on the surface of the ocean can eat up all the carbon. Scientists have thought to increase the amount of these beings and so for this they are going to pump large amounts of iron fillings into the ocean.
When these beings bloom, they will trap all the carbon from the atmosphere.


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