Friday, March 30, 2012

E – Waste

A lot of talks are going on about the amount of e-waste generated. “e-waste” is nothing but electronic waste consisting of broken and non-usable electronic components or appliance.
It has become a major point of concern as many of these electronic wastes are toxic and non-biodegradable.  The major sources of these e-wastes are IT and telecommunication equipment, household appliances various consumer electronics etc.
Because of the technological advancement new and new technologies and equipment are showing up with a very little though about the way it will affect the environment.  
But that’s not all. Many people think that new technology and equipment and devices are more effective so they throw away the old ones, even if there usable life is still remaining. This also generates a lot of e-wastes.
    So, to prevent e-wastes from generating and contaminating, various organizations like Nokia etc. have come up with implementations so that people can give them old equipment to them and they will recycle and reuse them.
   Other organizations and governmental institutions should contribute and help us to cut down this generation of e-waste and help save our planet.


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