Friday, March 23, 2012

Conserving Water

Our top priority is to save and conserve water, especially freshwater by seepage and increasing storage through rainwater harvesting and other storage methods.
We can recycle and reuse all industrial and domestic sewage and significantly reduce the use of freshwater and conserve it.
Good water management task is huge, urgent and needs collaboration through which it can be achieved easily.
Running on empty taps!!
This is not a very distant thought, if our insatiable thirst for water does not end, our taps may run out of it in near future.

  • Running a tap can use 10-14 liters of water a minute. That is enough for a small bath of 5 minutes.

  • One drip per second wastes 1,200 liters of water in a year. That’s around 4 liters a day.

So awareness should be spread and various procedures should be taken into account and public level as well as government level to save and preserve water so that our future generations can survive and use it.


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