Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tidbits for the Green-Tech Ignorant

It should come as little surprise that a lot of people, and quite a few businesses, are trying to disown pollutants and unseat the consumption of finite resources. But green-tech is not some bizarre sub-cult of industry. Somewhere in its phenomenal growth, green-tech has become a selection criterion. The frontiers of green-technology, the services and products on the fringes of the connection, are changing so rapidly most people don't realize how many businesses are tumbling into the green just by hunting around for solutions to their pressing concerns.
Setting standards * Most people know that hydrogen and electric cars reduce petroleum dependency. They know that the solar-arrays and the sleek wind turbines scattered over the countryside are supplementing the power grids with alternative electrical energy. 'Reduce, Reuse & Recycle' is a well-recognized slogan exemplifying the core principles of an eco-friendly life style. It's even fairly common for people to know that hydro-kinetics (water power) is considered the most potent source of eco-friendly energy. But green technology embraces more than just utilities, aluminum hunting, fussy appliances and automotive hybridization.
Service Solutions * Along with the standardization of eco-friendly options for pest control, lawn-care and cleaning supplies, a new breed of eco-friendly services is emerging. All sorts of exotic trades are cropping up; including restaurant grease recycling, re-filtering carwashes, and eco-friendly event planning and pet grooming.
* Thousands of communities are now mandating the use of green technologies to solve their storm-water control problems, by demanding that newly-built developments incorporate grassy swales and artificial ponds.
* Any time your city rehabilitates old pipes or lays new pipes without excavating they are using eco-friendly technologies to keep your roads and businesses in service during construction.
New Frontiers * Green technology is now involved in the medical industry, through the development of sustainable-energy for portable emergency devices and implants, and batteries that can harness sunlight shining on skin.
* The development of wave power has begun to see some serious backing, both as a supplement to the electrical energy grids and for powering desalination plants. Hydro-kinetic turbines are now available in single-family and small community sizes, for powering individual properties or villagers in emerging countries.
Gadgets and Gizmos * High-efficiency isn't just a concept invented for kitchen appliances. LED/LCD televisions are green-tech options, with green-tech standards. Ditto the eco-friendly vacuum cleaners and low-flow showerheads.
* LED light bulbs are the newest darlings among high-efficiency home-improvement products. Using them in every fixture of a home could slash its energy bill as comprehensively as an energy-star appliance.
* There are green tech options for phones and media players. And options for a host of other gadgets such as flashlights, alarm clocks, remote controls, camp stoves, and even automotive air filters.
In short, green technology is now so pervasive it doesn't even raise eyebrows for a solar charger to be disguised as a designer handbag.


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