Monday, November 7, 2011

Save It While You Still Can!!

Save it while you still can
Simple tips for going green

Factors like chaotic change in the climate, air pollution and global warming provide evidence that the resources we use, ineffectively, are slowly depleting.

So here are some ways in which one can save on resources and contribute towards the sustainable future:

v Switch of anything that uses electricity:
·        First off, replace all lights in your house from ordinary lights to CFL lights or LED lights. Ordinary lights consume more electricity (40W) as compared to CFL (11W). CFL are efficient in the longer run as compared to ordinary lights.
·        Make sure to switch all electrical appliances when not in use.
·        Switch of lights, fans, AC units when you are not using them.
·        Use of timers is recommended so that the respective light is switched off in a prescribed time interval.
·        If possible, install a solar panel which can provide the necessary hot water and can even help provide electricity.

v Conserve Water:
·        Consumption of water should be efficient and care should be taken that it does not get wasted.
·        See to it that all the taps and fittings are properly fitted to prevent wastage of water from them.
·        When brushing your teeth, don’t keep the water running. Take a small mug and fill water in that for use.

v Keep your area and surroundings clean:
·        Plant as many trees in your surrounding buildings, societies, complexes as you can. Trees provide us with life giving oxygen and trap all the harmful carbon-dioxide and other harmful substances.
·        Make a common trash area and separate the degradable from the non-degradable. Collect all the degradable ones, it can help for plant compost.

These were some useful points to help conserve the depleting resources and help you contribute towards a cleaner and greener environment. These small steps when taken up and spread onto other people can make a big difference.

So let’s join hands and together make our world a clean and environment friendly place to live in.


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