Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Five Every Day Ways to Take Advantage of Green Technology

Technology, via bright ideas or weird ones, is a busy world of cool and not-so-cool stuff eagerly claiming to answer every need. In the spirit of competition, it seems only fair that the best green-tech stuff should offer an advantage over mainstream competitors, while serving the customer's ethical leanings. Here are five ways technology can help you stay green and still seize the advantage.
* Using the Internet o The internet is one of the largest gas (and money) saving inventions. Every meeting taken by teleconference, instead of jetting or driving to a gathering place, reduces pollution and improves the bottom line of doing business. Tremendous sums are saved by businesses using E-commerce; and on-line payment options reduce runs to the bank and post office for most customers. Every shopping trip taken in virtual comfort also saves gas and reduces pollution, even when it means delivery vans are out on the town. A truck that sets out on a carefully planned route will easily save over twenty cars zipping to-and-fro.
* Recycled Metal Products o Lawn chairs, mail boxes, shelving units, even watering cans and planters are being made from the colorful scrap-metal of old highway signs and license plates. As the theme for a small-business, or for the trendy homeowner, flamboyant gadgets and furniture made from minimally re-treated metals will establish a unique personality, save cash, or both.
* Portable Gadget Assistance o Nothing is more frustrating than reaching for that beloved electronic gadget only to discover the battery is dead. The definitive green-tech solution for on-the-go charging is a solar powered gadget bag, purse, backpack, satchel, briefcase, carry-all; or even just a roll-up charging mat. There are options to be found for every portable device.
* Crock-pots, Vinegar, and Micro-fiber Cloth o Yes, if you enjoy being fussy, there's always the reams of hints from whoever has the time to figure out strange little money-saving, nitty-gritty tidbits. Crock pots cut your grocery bill by tenderizing cheaper cuts of meat while keeping the oven set to 'off'. Vinegar is a well-lauded laundry aid. Micro-fiber cloth is for scuttling the paper-towel treadmill.
* Household Improvements o Efficiency appliances are a standard cry, but now LED home-lighting is brightening the low-cost list. And for folks who haven't yet begun: remember that starting with a budget-friendly project like energy-saving lights or low-flow showerheads is just as valid a step as choosing efficiency appliances. For the stout-hearted eco-enthusiast, rooftop solar-electric panels, home turbines, and solar water heaters are not so severely high-priced as they once were; and cool-coating the roof in hot climates or improving insulation in any climate is a tried and true money saver.
Green-tech is not always about rocket science and utility companies. Often, it's just about plain common sense, about looking around you and seeing what's already there, waiting to be put to good use. And give being creative a try; there are always advantages to be had from having some fun.


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