Friday, November 4, 2011

Clear Water Repellents

Clear Water Repellents have penetrating and film forming ability which is used to protect a porous substrate by reducing the penetration of water inside them. They have the ability to fill the pores of the porous substrate and prevent water from entering into the pores and spreading. It provides a breathable coating to the substrate i.e it allows the water vapor to evaporate and on the other hand does not allow the liquid water to penetrate inside. 
Clear Water Repellents:  
  • Provides necessary water protection and beading
  • Helps in the steady movement of water vapor 
  • Offers long term resistance to water penetration
Application Tips:
  • Surface Preparation 
  1. ALWAYS perform a "Splash Test" before applying a new coating or a maintenance re-coat. Splash water on several sections of the substrate, and observe if the water is absorbed. If the water beads or is not absorbed within 15 minutes, the surface will not absorb a coating properly.Cleaning or weathering will allow the pores of the substrate to open and better absorb the coating.
  • Features
  1. Any coating that is “clear”, i.e., without pigment, will not provide protection against UV exposure.
  2. When dry, oil-base products will provide a deeper, shinier finish on the deck surface, while water-base products produce a flat, or matte appearance.  
  • Procedures
  1. Do not apply a coating immediately after a rainfall.
  2. Avoid applying finish coatings during the hours of most intense sunlight.
  3. Do not over-apply a finish coating.
  4. Remove any over-spray, drips or splashes before they dry to make clean-up easier.