Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Approach to Terrace Waterproofing

Imagine a cool new lavishing house and a damp patch in the corner of the ceiling stealing the whole beauty. Terrace waterproofing forms an important part of construction. Dampness coming from the terrace can be very damaging for any construction.

  • For terrace waterproofing for new construction here are some tips: 
  1. Visually inspect the slab closely from top and bottom throughout the terrace.
  2. Conduct "Hammer Test" around areas that are severely cracked. If there comes a hollow sound, the cracks should be brush applied with cement slurry.
  3. Wider cracks must be cleaned with a wire brush, cut to a U shape of 5mmx8mm and filled with a Mastic Filler. The mastic filler will ensure flexibility to accommodate movement
  4. Make triangle fillet of 50mm x 50mm on all verticle abutments.
  5. Pre-treat critical areas such as verticle joints, outlet areas and pipe protrusions with flexible waterproofing material.


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